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Top 10 Reasons you want to attend Agile 2009, by Diana Larsen

This post is by Diana Larsen, chair of the Agile Alliance board of directors.

Here is my take on the Top 10 Reasons you want to attend Agile 2009 next week.

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  • 10. The Keynotes: Alistair Cockburn and Jared Spool promise to provocative, humorous and thoughtful keynote addresses. (See the blog entry and the program as a whole.)
  • 9. The Online Program: Whatever you’re looking for at Agile 2009, you can find it in the phenomenal sessions described in the online program:
    • By Time: Go to the program page, and click on any time you want to look at.
    • By Stage: Go to the stages page and click on any stage you’d like to see the program for.
    • By Persona: Go to the list of personas and find the persona that best fits you. (Or, if you’re like me, there are several personas that fit, so look at each of them!) Click on the persona name above the picture and see the sessions for that persona.
  • 8. The iPhone app: ThoughtWorks, an Agile 2009 sponsor, has provided a free iPhone/iPod Touch app for making the conference program easily accessible, portable, and customizable. Look in the iTunes App Store for “Agile 2009 conference connection”. More details on the Agile 2009 blog.
  • 7. Program Guide: We will still have a printed conference program guide, so non-iPhone users will be able to see the phenomenal sessions on paper, too.
  • 6. The 5-Pack: Though Early Bird and Super Early Bird registrations are sold out, you can still save on your registration. Find four other people (from your company or just off the street) who are willing to register together with you. The 5-pack is still the cheapest registration option. See the registration page.
  • 5. Take a S.E.A.T.: Taking place during exhibit hours in Riverside Center Exhibition Hall, we invite you to Take a S.E.A.T [Services, Education, Agile, Tools]. It’s the place to see thirty Agile2009 exhibitors present products, services, tools and other information that doesn’t exist elsewhere. See how real-world solutions can help solve your problems while you gain access to some of the most innovative people in the industry. Check out the timetable on the program page.
  • 4. Interactive, On-site Contributions: Open Jam offers a place to share questions and quandaries, talk to the experts, demonstrate software and techniques, and experiment with emerging Agile practices and ideas. The LiveAid Lab allows attendees to participate in a real agile project for a Not for Profit-creating a unique lab experience that uses real projects with real deliverables.
  • 3. Music Masti: A number of musical instruments will be made available for the conference participants (but you can bring your own). Take part in the biggest jam session of the programming world! There will be activities for non-musicians as well.
  • 2. Evening Networking and Reconnecting:  Interact with familiar friends and colleagues and meet new people at the Icebreaker, the Member Meeting, sponsored events, and the Banquet. Learn what other folks have tried, what’s worked for them, what to avoid, and what else they’ve been up to since the last conference.
  • 1. Investing in Yourself and Your Craft: Use the conference to soak up all you can about your area of greatest skill and interest in Agile software development. We have over 300 sessions—among them you find just the right ones for you. Invest in your future by finding ways of optimizing your contributions to high value products and services. Become an Agile artisan.

Agile2009: Making Agile Real. See the web site for registration.



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