Posted by: Eric Lefevre-Ardant | July 31, 2009

Build your program with iCal

Support for iCalUsing an iCal-compatible calendar application?

Then you’ll like our support of iCal.

When browsing the program online, you’ll notice little calendar-shaped icons. On most systems, this will open your calendar application and add the session to your agenda.

Don’t have a calendar app yet? The Mozilla Foundation has a couple of them that work on most platforms. And don’t forget that Mac OS X comes with a calendar application.

Using an online calendar?

You are not out of luck. Most of them can import iCal files. For example, on Google Calendar, in the Other Calendars box, click Add / Add by URL, then paste the URL from the calendar icon. Note that it will create a new agenda for each session.

Another option is to save the iCal file to your computer, then import it to Google Calendar (Add / Import calendar). This will create a new meeting in your usual agenda. You’ll have to repeat that for each session, though.



  1. Unfortunately, the Google method described didn’t quite work because that “calendar” is set to GMT. So, it looks like Monday morning’s 11a session is at 4a. And doesn’t seem to be editable.

    • hm… you’re right.
      It’s interesting. When “subscribing” to an online calendar with Mozilla Sunbird, I don’t get this problem. However, with the “Add by URL” method in Google Calendar, it gets an incorrect time.

      To be honest, I’m not sure which tool is right. This seems to be an implementation decision.

      I’ll investigate a bit.

  2. A bug has been fixed in the program pages. Now linking to the iCal URLs should produce correct results.
    In the sense that the times are correct in Chicago timezone. If you are in a different timezone, times will look wrong until you switch to the correct one, once you arrived in Chicago.


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