Posted by: Eric Lefevre-Ardant | July 22, 2009

Gordon Pask Award: Nominate someone that has helped you out

Gordon Pask AwardThe Gordon Pask Award is granted each year to two persons that the Award Committee thinks have contributed to the community of Agile practice and should be emulated by others. The idea is not to celebrate established leaders, but rather to bring to the light potential new leaders.

The nominees are found by the community. This is where you can help.

Is there someone that has helped you and others become better professionals? That you feel could bring even more to the community if only they were given a little help?

Then please send your nominations before August 1, 2009 to Be sure to including the name of the nominee, email address and a short summary of your reasons for making the nomination. Try to keep to a maximum of 200 words.

Winners will announced during the Agile 2009 Conference.

For more about the Gordon Pask Award:



  1. We’ve received a handful of nominations, so if you have thought about nominating someone, but haven’t yet done it, then do it now!

  2. Has there been an extension? I didn’t even know this was open for nominations until this month. Or can I “second” a nomination that was already made? Vote? Anything? 🙂


    • Sure, send in a nomination if there’s someone you know deserves it.

  3. Rob, if you sent in a nomination, I imagine we’d look at it. We simply don’t want to process another flurry.

    I recommend adding a Google Alert for “pask award 2010” if you want to make sure you don’t miss out on the nomination period next year.


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