Posted by: Eric Lefevre-Ardant | July 21, 2009

Meet Alex, Architect

“I’d like to get a better sense of how agile methods address problems from an architectural perspective. ”

Alex’s company has been using agile development for about a year. While the agile teams are performing well, Alex has nagging concerns that they’re setting aside long term architectural concerns in favor of short term productivity gains. He’d like to understand how to strike a balance between emergent design and architecture that can up to his personal definition of rigorous.

Alex is making a point to attend Neil Ford’s Emergent Design & Evolutionary Architecture and is very interested in Mike Dwyer’s session: The impact of Agile Architect Teams in Scaling Enterprise Efforts. He is also pondering whether Andrew Rendell will be thought-provoking or merely provocative in Descending from the Architect’s Ivory Tower.

Does this story sound familiar to you? Alex is a persona, a fictional character used to focus parts of the conference. Come and meet like-minded participants at Agile 2009 Conference. And check out the top sessions at the conference for Alex.


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