Posted by: Eric Lefevre-Ardant | July 16, 2009

Fresher’s Faire: make your community visible

Valtech guys by elefevre7.This year, Chris Matts and Christine DelPrete are adding a twist to the traditional Ice Breaker (from 7pm on the Monday). If you are part of a community that you want to be more visible, or if you want to give a reason for participants to talk to you, this could be a great way. Here are the details Christine and Chris have sent around:

Each year the Agile 200x conference grows bigger. More people join the community. For people who are not connected to the community already, it can take a day or so to find people of similar interests. To help people find those of similar interest, we intend to hold a “Fresher’s Fair” at the Ice Breaker.

A “Fresher’s Fair” at an English University allows all of the clubs / groups / societies / Special Interest Groups in the University to advertise their presence to make it easier for newcomers to find them. The idea at the Ice Breaker will be to have meeting points (a flip chart with the
name of the club, etc. ) for each yahoo group / stage / society / persona /alliance etc. that is interested. The club can hand out some token of
membership so that members can identify each other through out the conference. For example, the Kanban group are talking about creating buttons, I have a number of different colored ribbons.

If your group is interested, please sign up on the wiki — my apologies that you have to register with Olav and my wiki. Originally I squatted on another Agile wiki but it caused a bit of confusion.

Any queries, please contact chris on chris dot matts at gmail dot com.

Special thanks to Mark Levison for maintaining a list of Agile yahoo groups and for passing this on to them.


Christine DelPrete & Chris Matts



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  2. Thanks to all of you who stopped by the Agile Requirements areas! We had many intriguing and energetic discussions.

    here are some photos of the mind map:

    ~ ellen


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