Posted by: Eric Lefevre-Ardant | July 12, 2009

Podcasts on the conference in English *and* French!


Two podcasts right on the heels of each others!

Bob Payne interviews Johanna Rothman, chair of the conference, on his popular Agile Toolkit podcast. Covered topics are:

  • how the program is organized
  • introduction to the Live Aid stage
  • keynote speakers
  • rates
  • talking with personalities
  • Johanna’s new book

Also, Eric Le Merdy talked with Laurent Bossavit, co-steward of the Gordon Pask Award, and myself, Eric Lefevre-Ardant for the Agile 2009 en Français podcast. This podcast is entirely in French! It covers:

  • who will be there
  • what conferences are taking place, in parallel or immediately after Agile 2009
  • how to meet famous agilists
  • an historical perspective of the conference
  • what might be waiting for us in the Agile world in 2009
  • how incredibly welcoming North-Americans can be
  • what the Gordon Pask Award is
  • what makes Agile 2009 different from other conferences
  • what technical topics will be addressed




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