Posted by: Eric Lefevre-Ardant | July 10, 2009

Greening the conference

Atlas, it's time for your bathYou might have heard that Agilists promote sustainable development. Well, what’s the point if the temperature on Earth is going to boil us all to a crisp? So, we have made efforts to make the conference a little bit greener. Here is how we do that.

Print fewer proceedings

This year, you won’t see the same voluminous book we had in previous year. Instead, we are encouraging presenters to upload their presentations and papers to the submissions site, right on the conference website. Note that you’ll need a login (free and available to anyone) to access them.

No bottles of water

Water stations will be available in the conferences halls instead.

Print paper for handouts on demand for session leaders

Some handouts will be printed, but only if explicitly requested by the main session presenter.

Not try to guess what speakers need for material

Speakers will bring their own material, if they need to. Normal conference equipment is still provided.

Try to have the temperature set above 70 F (21 C) 😉

Most people should feel confortable at 70 F. Unfortunately, many conference venues prefer to set the air conditioning muc lower. Let’s hope we’ll be convincing this time!

Want to go further? Coming from outside Chicago? You might be interested in offsetting your travel carbon footprint. Several sites offer this sort of office, such as zerofootprint.



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