Posted by: Eric Lefevre-Ardant | July 6, 2009

5 ways to see the program

Agile 2008 - Program for the TuesdayOverwhelmed by the program at Agile 2009? To help you navigate it, we provide you with 5 ways to see it:

  • by session block time: this is what you see immediately on the website under the program tab. The perfect place to figure out what to do next between two sessions.
  • by stage: what to focus on specific domains of expertise? Then you want to browse by stage. They are found on the stages page. The Developer Jam stage is aimed at developers, Distributed Agile talks about large-scale multi-sites projects, Agile Frontier is featuring new thoughts and experiments. You get the idea.
  • by persona: one of this year’s innovations is the use of personas to help focus the program. Each session is particularly aimed at one fictional person that embodies a particular role in an organization. For example, Rose is a Researcher and Marcus a Program Manager. We have already detailed some personas in the past on this blog (see Brooke the Business Executive, Rubin the Reluctant Agilist, Padma the Struggling Product Owner) and many more will come. Also, check out all the sessions by persona on the personas page.
  • by reading dead trees: a paper program will also be made available in the participants’ bag on the first day of the conference. We do recommend preparing your conference in advance, though. The sheer number of sessions can be staggering.
  • with an iPhone app! ThoughtWorks has developed an iPhone application which will allow attendees at the Agile2009 Conference to map out their sessions over the course of the week. This application is currently being finalized. More news on this later.

Take a moment to review the program. You’ll like it.



  1. It would be great if there could just be a simple page like this:

    • Well, I’ve thought of publishing a calendar myself (using Google Calendar, for example), but in the end, I doubt it’d have beeb very useful. What can you do with 25 sessions at any given time? Not very readable on a normal calendar.
      I did publish calendars for “other conferences” and things in the conference that are not sessions. Check out the wiki page.


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