Posted by: Eric Lefevre-Ardant | June 25, 2009

Meet Rubin, Reluctant Agilist

“My company’s adopting agile. I’m here at the conference to observe and learn. I’ll let things flow over me and decide how I feel about this whole agile thing later.”

Rubin’s company has sent several people to the conference to learn more about agile. He wants to understand how his current job will change in an agile environment. He’s concerned throwing out all the existing process will just add delay and confusion to his existing project. He wonders how agile could live up to the hype it’s been given.

After thinking about it, Rubin might go to Agile: placebo or real solution?, hosted by Linda Rising, and hear how it went in a big company at Agile @ Yahoo! from the Trenches, by Mun-Wai Chung and Brian Drummond.

Does this story sound familiar to you? Rubin is a persona, a fictional character used to focus parts of the conference. Come and meet like-minded participants at Agile 2009 Conference. And check out all the sessions Rubin is interested in.



  1. […] We have already detailed some personas in the past on this blog (see Brooke the Business Executive, Rubin the Reluctant Agilist, Padma the Struggling Product Owner) and many more will come. Also, check out all the sessions by […]


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