Posted by: Eric Lefevre-Ardant | February 25, 2009

New field for feature participants in submission form

As you know, when submitting a presentation, there is a “co-presenter”  field where you can add the username of the person that will do the talk with yourself. A co-presenter is someone that will be listed along side the main presenter on the final program. Being a co-presenter will also reduce the maximum number of talks that you will be able to eventually present at the conference (that is, even though you can submit any number of presentations to the system, no more than a fixed number per presenter will selected in the final program).

We have now added some extra fields to the session proposal form – this allows people to add Feature participants such as panel members and workshop helpers, etc. Even though it is primarily aimed at Panels, talks of any type can use them.

The main point of doing this is to prevent clashes when scheduling sessions – eg, if someone is on a panel at the same time as she’s scheduled to give a tutorial. So if you have arranged for some particular people to help with your presentation, please add them to the presentations details in the “Feature participants” fields.

There is no limit in the number of presentations that you can join in this way.

Feature Participants in Submission Form



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