Posted by: Eric Lefevre-Ardant | February 6, 2009

What’s in the conference for developers?

Programming With Stars

Agile 2009 Conference is not just for manager types or consultants. If you have the mind of a developer, you should join us too! Here is a list of things to look out for at the conference:   

  • the Developer Jam stage, where developers can get hands-on experience by watching, pairing, and generally learning about Agile programming techniques
  • the Jam Sessions, part of Developer Jam stage, are a fun way to demonstrate development skills by programming in public
  • the Clinics, part of Developer Jam stage, that provide training and support for specific, technical skills such as TDD and Continuous Integration. This year, the committee is planning to give more room to dynamic languages such as Groovy
  • Programming With Stars, a hugely entertaining daily event at Agile 2008. We are planning to have it again at Agile 2009: this is where developers are paired up with Agile legends, and get to code in front of a panel of judges
  • the Live Aid stage, a real, concrete programming project for a non-profit. Come and pair with developers that will be working on this project, with a deadline for the end of the conference!
  • the Open Jam stage, though not dedicated to programming, known to have been a place where developers come together and discuss programming techniques or practice them in Coding Dojos
  • Tools For Agility stage, where you can learn about established and new tools that can help in your programming experience
  • Presence of many respected coders. Though we cannot confirm their presence for Agile 09 until the program is finally, past Agile 200x conferences have seen presentations by Robert C “Uncle Bob” Martin, Michael Feathers, Steve Freeman, Laurent Bossavit, Régis Médina, Cory Foy, Bas Vodde, Paul Julius, Ron Jeffries, Ward Cunningham, and many, many others.

Other trivia:

  • At Agile 2008, 1 for every 5 participants identified herself as a Developer, on par with Consultants and Project Managers
  • At Agile 2008, the Developer Jam stage was one of the top 3 stages as far as the number of sessions was concerned, on par with Management & Organizational Culture, and Breaking Acts

I found Agile 2008 was unique in the fact that you could find anything you needed from project management to programming.

We hope that Agile 2009 will be just as good, and you, as a developer, can help us achieve this goal: create yourself an account on Submit proposals. Comment on the existing ones. Tell your friends… And meet us in Chicago this August.



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